Baker’s English 12


The Hollow Men – by TS Eliot (group of  5 or 6)

The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost (individual)

The Charge of the Light Brigade – Alfred, Lord Tennyson (group of 3)

Chicago – Carl Sandburg (group of 2)

A Vagabond’s Song – Bliss Carman (individual)

Ex-Basketball Player – John Updike (group of 3)

The Better Man – A.E. Housman (individual)

The Grass on the Mountain – Transcribed by Mary Austin (individual)

The Vulture – Israel Kafu Hoh (find in the “The Second Century Anthology of Verse, Book 2)

Lazy Man’s Song – Po Chu-I (individual)

Love Under the Republicans (or Democrats) – Ogden Nash (individual)


For a list of credible on-line poems that also might work for LG 7 memorization see The Gutenburg Project page on poetry (use the “read in HTML” link to read online if you don’t have an epub app)