FKSS Interior Redesign Projects


Questionnaires have been examined and our process for redesign has started.  The overall theme is to bring more recognition to our Malahat Nation and the land we are situated on, as well as a more highlighted awareness of Dr. Kelsey.  We are looking into options for modular furniture and interior designs for our larger study areas: the Library Learning Commons (LLC), the dome, and 212, with other areas to to come later.  In order to do this, we will require grant money for which proposals are being currently being written and submitted.  We are also looking for interested students, teachers, and parents who may want to help with this process or give more input.  Please see or email Mr. Rowan if you have questions, comments, or a skillset that may help us with this process and he will forward it to the design team who has been meeting monthly.

Our latest meeting date was October 24th and notes of our discussion and progress will be available soon!