FKSS Interior Redesign Projects


Our FKSS redesign group is meeting regularly and working on some exciting renovations in our building that will take place over the next three years.  The areas in focus are rooms 212, 126, the Library Learning Commons, and the dome. A summary of what has happened so far is below:

Library Learning Commons – new, modular tables will be ordered before the end of June 2020

126 – redesign will be starting in 2020-21

212 – Steelcase Education Grant has been applied for and winners are announced in March of 2020 – stay tuned!

Dome – our vision is to have a transition from the front doors and area just inside to be welcoming and honouring the land of the Malahat Nation on which we are built with a canoe bench that is currently under construction by the Malahat Nation carvers, our display cases will be filled with Indigenous art from our carving students, murals are being designed with a west coast island theme for around the counselling and office windows, the dome itself will have a large paper mache canoe made by students hanging suspended, the raised dias area will be a dedication to Dr. Kelsey with a display cabinet showcasing her prized items of medicine from her career as well as a photographic collage of her life and achievements.  There will be modular furniture purchased and a general re-thinking of how to arrange our lunch gathering area.  At the back of the dome, we will be installing bar height tables and chairs to create an area for our senior students to create and work.  We have already begun this transition so check back to see how we are doing!