Social Studies 8

Always helpful for any research project – World Book Online (login and password available from the library)

Helpful links for studying Medieval Times:

Medieval England – Annenberg Learner

Mr. Donn – Medieval Times

The History Learning Site – Medieval England

Mr. Dowling – Middle Ages

Kidspast – Medieval Europe

Kidipede History – Middle Ages

Kidipede History – Islamic Empire

YouTube Videos on Medieval Times:

BBC – The Bayeux Tapestry

BBC – The Bayeux Tapestry animated

BBC – The Battle of Hastings

Helpful links for studying Barbarians:

Mr. Donn – Barbarians

Mr. Dowling – Barbarians

BBC – Anglo Saxons

BBC – Celts

The Families of Germania

Kidipede – Visigoths, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Franks, Huns

Germanic Tribes

Helpful links for studying Vikings:

BBC – Vikings

BBC – ancient history on the Vikings

PBS – Vikings

Mr. Dowling – Vikings

Helpful links for studying The Crusades: – The Crusades

Mr. Dowling – Byzantine Empire

Helpful links for studying The Black Plague:

PBS – Mystery of the Black Death

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – General Information on Plague

Helpful links for studying Ancient Religions:

United Religions Initiative – World Religions

The Big Religion Chart – Religion Facts

BBC – Religions

Mr. Dowling – Western Religions

Mr. Donn – Buddhism

Helpful links for studying The Renaissance:

Mr. Dowling – Renaissance

Renaissance – Annenberg Learner

Renaissance Personalities

Renaissance Musical Instruments

Kidspast – Renaissance

Life in Elizabethan England

Helpful links for studying The Arab World:

Arab Culture and History

Arabic Script