Student Parliament


Student Parliament encourages you to get involved in your school - join a club, play a sport, give back to your community by participating! We meet on Wednesdays at lunch in room 118. Elections are held in the fall for positions in Parliament.


The student parliament organizes and co-ordinates a variety of activities that benefit and enhance the school life of all students and the community. It is sponsored by teachers and an administrator and operates with a budget provided through student activity fees and projects. Student parliament is an excellent way for students to become involved in promoting school spirit as well as developing leadership skills.

Positions in Parliament include the following:

Prime Minister

Cabinet Ministers

Speaker of the House



Grade representatives

From year to year, parliament decides which portfolios are necessary and what strengths individual members have, but common portfolios are the following:

Minister responsible for Clubs

Minister responsible for Arts

Minister responsible for Sports

Minister responsible for Spirit and Events