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Can’t find it in our school library?  Try the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL)

If what you search for is in the “public domain,” meaning old enough that copyright is no longer an issue, you will probably find the text on Project Gutenburg.


  Want Reliable Online Research Resources?

In the school, no password needed. From home, some sites require a password that you either can get at the library circulation desk, or click here to see an electronic copy. (LINKS may not be user-friendly when using Safari on an iPad)


gale global issues in context

gale science in contextgale canada in context_full

gale virtual reference library

Version 9


google-advanced googlescholar


How do I cite my sources?



Unsure About How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Watch this video from to double check that you haven’t unknowingly plagiarized.  Historically, there are many famous cases of plagiarism that have cost people a lot of money and sometimes their reputation which is never recovered.

Integrating Quotations will help you remember the rules for using support from your text.

CITING-YOUR-SOURCES , Ms. Baker’s slide presentation, will also remind you how to integrate quotations and cite your sources. There is also an instructional video from Memorial University Libraries that will guide you.

Other Helpful Links:

myblueprintMy Blueprint is good for career and post secondary planning

criterionCriterion provides educationally relevant feature length film rights to schools

Want to see what the Librarian has read?

You can often link to Amazon to read the first few pages online!
BookImageClick on the book to go to Ms. Baker’s library where you can search by teacher last name and/or grade level to find out the recommended novels for your English class. In the search bar in the top right, type in either your grade, or your teacher’s last name and the grade level (no space in between, i.e. Baker12) and it will show you only the novels your teacher has pre-approved.

Konica-Minolta-bizhubPrinting your work?

Go through the usual printing steps by choosing “print” on your file menu or from the top right on an iPad.  The printer name for any printer in the school is “follow me.” Once selected, it will show a dialogue box where you login with your student # and wifi password.  Go the printer nearest you, and login again on the touch screen with your student number in the “ID” bar.  Choose “release” and your document should show up in a long bar.  Tap to highlight your document and then push the “Start” button underneath the touch screen. It will print in a few seconds.  If you wish to logout, push the “Access” button on the menu alongside the touchscreen and select yes but it will automatically log you out in about a minute if you do nothing.

save-icon-9Saving your work or want to continue at home? Access our district cloud storage – every student has an account already set up.

Laptop or Desktop – save your document to the desktop first.  Then open up your browser and type “” in the browser address bar. Blue Screen and OwnCloud logo appearing, you should be prompted for your user name (student #) and a password (same as your wifi login). Once open, navigate back to your saved document on the desktop and drag and drop into the appropriate folder.  Remember to logout after you are done.

On an iPad – open a browser and log into OwnCloud.  Then go back to your work and use the “+” sign on the top right to bring up a menu asking to open your document in OwnCloud.  Follow the prompts.Don’t forget to log out:  “settings” then slide the bar over to the left where your student # is and push “delete” when you are done your session.