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GRBAVEC – After the plagiarism seminar with Ms. Baker, show Mr. G you know how to avoid plagiarizing! !

Indigenous Grad Requirement

As of 2022, there is a new 4 credit course requirement in Indigenous studies for all graduates. The Ministry’s document on implementation can be found through this link.

Want to dive into a video game that explores an Indigenous perspective? Try Terra Nova

 All Things English – all sorts of useful English course info

Literacy Exam Practice Assessments

Learn the format and practice for the Literacy Assessment

Terms to study

Create flashcards, quiz yourself and play games to learn all the terms for the provincial exam

Integrating Quotations

Helpful tips in a slide show about Integrating Quotations can be found here.

Citing Your Sources

Check out the Library Learning Commons Page on this!

Unsure About How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Watch this video from Plagiarism.org or check out the Library Learning Commons Page to double check that you haven’t unknowingly plagiarized.