Awards & Financial Aid

There are many organizations that offer yearly bursaries and scholarships and we post whatever we receive on our GRAD TEAM. Every year we have a Microsoft Team with all our graduates and a channel is dedicated to what we call “External Bursaries and Scholarships.” Remax Quest, Loran, and Schulich Leaders are three that are regularly posted in the early fall. Grads can subscribe for notifications to come from that channel so they know when anything new is posted.
Financial Assistance, Scholarships, and Bursaries from Institutions themselves
Every post-secondary institution offers entrance scholarships and/or bursaries for students.  Search the institution’s website to find what is available for you.
Here are some local and/or popular scholarship bursary links:
Youth Work in Trades Grant
Students working in an apprentice-able trade before or AFTER graduation can qualify for a $1000 grant. Contact your Career Counselor to see if your job qualifies.  Additional information can be found at: Careers and Transitions