Course Offerings


Only students in our Catchment area can register for the 2024-2025 school year.   See below regarding out of catchment students.

Registration for 2024-25 school year – In catchment area students may register for the upcoming school year by clicking the secure link below, please make sure you click “Next Year” on the registration application.  Note:  Students coming from our feeder schools DO NOT use this link.  Registration packages will be sent to your schools (Bench, Discovery, George Bonner, Mill Bay Nature & École Cobble Hill in mid-February).      (Click on the link)  SD#79 secure registration link

If you have issues with uploading the student’s birth certificate and the required (2) proofs of residence during the online application process, you can email the documents to These documents are required before the registration process can proceed.  


Proof of address / residence is required by two documents.  When registering online or at the school you will require:

  1. A driver’s license or similar identification and
  2. One of: Mortgage statement, Municipal Tax Bill, Notary Authority Letter, Rental Agreement, Utility Bill, Proof of Purchase Contract

OUT OF CATCHMENT REGISTRATIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 2024:  As of Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 2024 we are not accepting registrations from out of catchment students.   You will have to register your child at your catchment school.  If you wish to be placed on a waitlist, please complete the registration submission by clicking on the link above and complete the application and submit it.  We will contact you in June if spaces open up.

You can watch our virtual tour by going to the drop down menu “Our School” and then “StartUp Information” to view the video(s) on our website.

Course selection booklet 2024-25


Students wanting to make a course change will work through their Advisor and Counsellor. Changes to programs are made for educational reasons only and require the approval of advisors and parents/guardians. Course changes are typically only available to senior students.


Students must complete a Course Withdrawal Form and it must be signed by parents, teacher, and counsellor. After a certain number of weeks, withdrawals from courses are not recommended. Withdrawal is typically only available to senior students.