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Name Position Phone Email
  Abbott, T Mathematics 300
  Baker, A Library, English, Yearbook 239/240
  Bonner, N Library Clerk 239
  Borrett, C Art 262
  Brewer, K Mathematics, Science 302
  Brinkman, M Business Education 268
  Burr, S English 312
  Butler, P Foods, Physical Education 273
  Chester, T Computer, Math 304
  Dayton, L Languages 246
  Dhami, J Resource Centre 266
  Doman, N Psychology 309
  Evans, J Music, Drafting 260
  Fitznar C English 276
  Garriock, B Mathematics 303
  Gillis, C Physical Education 242
  Grbavec, I Socials, English, Technology 278
  Groicher,R Learning Assistance 267
  Grymaloski, W International 245
  Haley, D. Front Desk Attendance 221
  Hardman, P International Education 298
  Hart, D Social Studies 248
  Hart, J Social Studies 296
  Heath, J Theatre 256
  Hillyard, S Tech Ed 238
  Johnston, A Physical Education 314
  Johnston, B Mathematics, Physical Ed 238
  Keller, N Science Dispensary 282
  Kelly, K Social Studies 313
  Kirchner, M Counselling, Peer Counselling 231
  Kloske, K International Education 244
  Language Teacher Languages 312
  Launder, G Math/Science/PE 238
  Leslie, J Science 275
  Lewthwaite, S English 280
  May, C Science 270
  Niessen, B English, Social Studies 315
  Page, J Social Studies, English 247
  Parker, T Science 311
  Pimenta, P Industrial Education 257
  Reed, M English, Social Studies 278
  Reska, S Math/Science 274
  Resource Teacher Resource Centre 266
  Roach, H English, Social Studies 279
  Roberts, A Theatre 259
  Robinson, S English 312
  Secretary, Careers Career Secretary 236
  Shillito A Science 274
  Smith, CJ Open Learning 389
  Smith, M Art 261
  Steele, R English 279
  Thompson, DL Home Economics 254
  Twiss P Teacher Librarian 239
  Van Hell, S English 276
  Vopnfjord, K Guitar 243
  Walker, R Student Resource Centre 308
  Webb, C Counselling Data Clerk 237
  Webb, M Textiles, Mathematics, Science 295
  Welwood, K Physical Education, Dance 258
  Wheeler, N Counselling Secretary 230
  Wilkinson, C Science 271
  Wright, N Counsellor, Peer Counselling 232
  Young, K Social Studies 243
  Zeeman, A Mathematics, Science 272
  Zimmer, C Mathematics 303