Career Centre


Students wishing to discuss Career Exploration course offerings, volunteer opportunities or dual credit programs should make an appointment in the Career Centre.

Dual Credit Courses are available where you earn both high school and college credit at the same time.

Looking for job?  Visit the job board in the Career Centre. Know the following important info for making your resume and cover letter the best it can be:

  1. Proof-read for spelling, grammar, and style errors in both your resume and cover letter!
  2. Know correct business letter format for your cover letter – even in an email, it should look formatted.
  3. Ensure you have references that can be contacted at the end of your resume and that any reference letters you have are on their business letterhead. Your references should include at least one employer, an academic reference (your advisor or a teacher), and a character reference (an adult who can speak to the kind of person you are outside of employment and schooling).
  4. In your cover letter, 1st paragraph should state purpose (application for a job/position, applying for scholarship/bursary, etc.); 2nd and 3rd paragraphs should give specific information in order of purpose.  If it is for a scholarship, 2nd paragraph should be academic credentials; if it is for a job, 2nd paragraph should be previous employment or skills relevant to the position you seek. It is to your benefit to do some research on the particulars of who you are addressing and indicate in some way that you are personally interested in this company/donor – say something like “I have dined at your restaurant with my family since it opened in 2006 and would love to be a part of your team” or “My father was a member of the Mill Bay Fire Department for 4 years when I was growing up and so I appreciate first-hand the valuable service provided by your members and would be honoured to use money from your bursary to help me achieve success to the point where I can give back to my community as you all do.” Last paragraph should include an indication that you would like to connect further in an interview or that you appreciate their consideration, give a phone number or contact info with best time to get ahold of you, and thank them for the opportunity to apply.

Have a job? Are you 15 or older?  Come to the Career Centre to sign up for the Work Experience 12 course.  Earn 4 high school credits and boost your GPA by attending a 60 minute seminar and working 90 hours.