Career Life Connections (CLC) 12


CLC 12 is intended to prepare students for a successful Graduation Capstone Project and full transition to life after secondary school.

If you are a current CLC 12 student, see the CLC 12 page under “Courses” for the course guidebook of assignments.

Career Life Connections is a Ministry required course for graduation.  It is delivered in Q block on Wednesday mornings to all grads and attendance is mandatory. There are both class activities and whole grad group activities. 50 % of the course is career life focused activities such as resumes, cover letters, scholarship applications, post-secondary application procedures, etc. The other 50% is capstone.

The capstone project is a significant part of the course and both students and parents need to understand the requirements and what is accepted as equivalency at FKSS.  Each grad is expected to spend approximately 40 hours of time on a self-directed project working with a mentor and reporting on their learning to their CLC 12 teacher at regular intervals from September to May. The final presentation is given to the grad’s advisor group.

If your student is registered in a district-sanctioned dual credit trades course where they are off campus full time at a post-secondary institution then that is considered equivalent to the capstone project and they report that to their CLC 12 teacher who verifies it through our Career Centre. Our TASK course DOES NOT REPLACE capstone and those students are still required to complete a capstone project. Regular employment outside of school also does not replace capstone.

If you have any questions, please contact any of our CLC 12 teachers, the Career Centre, or the Admin.