Theatre Production


FKSS theatre is proud to present the full Broadway performance of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”  Due to COVID restrictions, we were not able to perform for a community audience. We were, however, able to perform for our school community. We secured streaming rights for the show and we are so happy you can virtually join us to celebrate the performance. Keep in mind that our show is best viewed live, so we apologize for any quiet dialogue or fuzzy scenes. We did our best to capture the heart of the production to share with you.

Putting on a production of this size is very expensive. We lost a tremendous amount of revenue from not having ticketed audiences. Please consider a recommended donation of $30 for streaming our show.

If you would like a tax receipt, please contact Wendy at

Please donate here: You will need to register for an account (it takes 2 minutes).  Then select FKSS Drama productions to donate. 

The show can be viewed using this link: 

Directors Statement 

This semester, Maxine Smith, Naomi Barclay, and Anna Roberts embarked on a wonderful journey with a slew of enthusiastic students along for the ride. We called this pilot project the “Fine Arts Brainery” (FAB).  Students in the group spent 2 blocks in our four block rotation with us to receive credit for English, Visual Art and Musical Theatre.  Through class time and untold extra-curricular hours, students have pulled together Disney’s full-length production of “The Little Mermaid”. It is important to note that every element of our theatre productions are led by students with adult help. Students are involved in everything including sets, props, lighting, choreography, music, and sound.

Putting on a show is an enormous endeavor with substantial costs associated. When we choose a Broadway musical, the first large bill is the royalties for the production. This initial cost is in the ballpark of $5000 USD that goes directly to the licensing company.  In addition to this, costumes, props, sets, and sundries add up to a rather large budget. Usually we recoup these costs by selling tickets to our live shows, but our ticketed shows this year were cancelled at the eleventh hour.  Thank you to all families and patrons who chose to donate their ticket costs rather than seeking a refund. We are a self-funded program and your donations will help to keep our program afloat!

Despite significant challenges arising from COVID 19, this group of intrepid students have pulled together to pivot on a dime to change our performance time, audience, and format.  Their flexibility and good cheer during this whole process has been inspiring.  For our first 2 shows, 11 actors were away due to illness.  Congratulations to our cast and crew for creating such a wonderful show.

Kelsey Theatre Presents:  Disney’s The Little Mermaid 

Student cast and Crew 

Jr Cast 

Dewie McLellan- Jr Ensemble

Lydia McLellan- Jr Ensemble

Grade 8 stagecrew/helpers 

Lauren Baker -Tech crew

Harmany Crossman -Tech crew

Leo Switzer -Tech crew

Grade 9 

Abby Barnard -Ensemble

Shayna Douglas -Ensemble

Rylie Freer -Tech crew

Denny Nagasaki -Ensemble

Kate Steele -Ensemble/princess

Glacier Travis -Ensemble/princess

Guiomar Giminez -Ensemble/princess

Grade 10 

Ochiel Audenart -Prince Eric

Izzy Badyal -Ensemble/sister

Kyra Best -Ensemble/props master

Jayme Brubacher -Ensemble/princess

Hanna Chapman -Tech crew assistant

Kailyn Daines -Arista

Cole Davis -Music Technician

Priya Dhami -Alana

Ali Elzinga -Ensemble/Princess

Ty Fergusun -Grimsby

Alex Hamilton -Ursula

Ash Hamilton -Flotsam

Mathew Lake -Flounder

Sofia Lampson -Jetsam

Fenna Lohsen -Ensemble/Sister

Sera Lowry -Ensemble/Princess/ Chef Louis understudy

Gwen Mack -Ensemble/Leeward

Cameron Marshall -Sets/Props/Child wrangler

Joe Mills -Ensemble

Nathan Monsell -Ensemble/Pilot

Sole Munn -Ensemble

Oscar Smith -Grimsbay

Camryn Waldron -Ensemble

Myra Wolfe -Ensemble/Windward/Sebastian understudy

Grade 11 

Meeghan Berg -Ensemble

Mikayla Burgess -Choreographer/Swing/Ballerina

Landon Day -Ensemble/Princess

Raya Graham-Nandhra -Ensemble

Lucy Johnson -Ensemble

Kayla Lindsay -Sound operator

Paige Novak -Ensemble

Kyra Richardson -Stage Manager

Dakota Tew-Hansen -Adella

Brinley Thompson -Aquata/Sebastian understudy

Ben Wilson -Ensemble/Princess

Grade 12 

Emily Davis -Andrina

Ryan Elzinga -King Triton

Faith Fujimoto -Tech crew

Alex Huber- Chef Louis

Clarke Jackson -Ensemble/ pilot understudy

Kayla Laidlaw -Atina

Stephanie Lindstrom -Lighting operator

Tate Mack -Puddle

Houston Marshall -Sebastian

Cassandra Rogers -Ensemble

Arianwen Warren -Ariel

Lily Wilson – Scuttle

Adult Production Team 

Anna Roberts

Naomi Barclay

Maxine Smith

MyraJean Marshall

Amber Grant

Judy McLeod

Marian Davies

Kathryn Lake

Nola Keller

Chris Lidston

Muts Barclay

Michelle Webb

Elaine Hamilton

Kyla Van Ryk

Eve Daniell

Michael Marshall

Paul Warren

Chad Best

Pearl Best

Ryan and Jody Audenart

Andrea Davis

Harpaul Nandhra

Dave Broome

Dave Johnson


And all our other fabulous parents and volunteers who contributed food, props, costumes, makeup, rides, emotional support, time and patience towards our show.

Special thanks to Karen Wellwood and her classes who when we needed to pivot, pivoted graciously with us.