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School Opening 2017-18 (general district and bussing information on the PDF at the bottom of this page)

Dear Students and Parents,
To those of you who are already part of our school, welcome back! To those parents and students who are joining our community, we are eager to get to know you and welcome.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 9 – 12:30 pm (half day)

Attendance only for Grade 8, Grade 9 and any students who are new to FKSS
– When you arrive at school you will find your name on a Homeroom / Advisor list in the Dome. There will be people to help you.
– Grade 8 and other new students – Please bring $50.00 (one time text book deposit fee of $25 and the yearly $25 activity fee) and all necessary supplies. Grade 8 students will meet in the Theatre for a welcome assembly from 9-10 am.
– Grade 9 students who are returning to FKSS, please bring your yearly $25 activity fee and all necessary supplies. Grade 9 and all other students will report to their Advisor for orientation.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th, 9 – 3:15 pm (full day)

First regular day of classes for ALL STUDENTS Grade 8-12.

Blocks – Extended Advisor Block for orientation W,D,C,B,A
– All returning students, please bring your $25.00 activity fee and all necessary supplies to begin work. Students must also pay any outstanding fees from last year. Advisors will have a list indicating what each of their advisees owes.

Bus schedules will be posted on the School District website Schools have been asked to post them in a prominent location. Kelsey bus schedules will be found outside on the exterior windows of the first room to the right of the main doors. If you have any queries, please call the Transportation Department at 748-1066, ext. 272.

Advisors/Homeroom teachers will be collecting cash or cheque payments on the first day. Also, Kelsey has a debit machine located in the main office for bill payments only. Cheques should be made out to Frances Kelsey Secondary. We do not accept post-dated cheques. The fees will help defray costs for the following:
• student government
• intramural activities
• photo identification
• speakers and special assemblies.
As soon as these fees are collected, advisors will be able to issue agenda books and lockers if required. If there are any problems with making payment, please call Mr. Rowan as financial struggles should not be a barrier for learning and assistance is available if needed.

There are still many outstanding textbooks. Please search your home for these books and return them. We ask for a $25.00 deposit from students who are new to the school. If a book is lost, the amount billed should be paid at the main office. If no books are lost or damaged, this deposit will be returned when the student leaves Kelsey or upon graduation it will be used to defray graduation expenses. Please make cheques payable to Frances Kelsey Secondary. One cheque for $50.00 can be written to cover student fees and the textbook deposit. All outstanding textbooks must be returned or paid for prior to the issuing of texts for use in 2016-17.

Students are assigned to a counselor by their last name. Please email your counselor if you have any concerns.
A – L: Ms. Kirchner
M – Z: Ms. Wright

Teacher Advisors will be working their students and parents. We encourage you to maintain contact throughout the year. Email and phone extensions can be found on our webpage and at the beginning of the Agenda.

Every student will receive an Agenda Book from their advisor/homeroom teacher. We urge parents to ask to see the book and read the information contained in the first twenty pages.

Information regarding student insurance plans will be available for all students in September. Please note there is no School Board coverage for accidents or injuries incurred by students. Refer to

The date confirmed by Lifetouch Photography for the taking of photos for the yearbook and personal photo packages is Sept. 12th for the entire school. This is also the photo for the student I.D. card at the school and for some student discounts in the community. Advisors/Homeroom teachers will issue the package price lists during the first week back.

All staff and students will be issued with a personal I.D. photo. This idea is not unique to Kelsey and serves several valuable purposes. Important amongst these are easy identification of unauthorized visitors and much quicker sign-out of resources. The use of this means of identification is strongly supported by the PAC as well as staff. Lost or damaged cards must be replaced. Replacements are purchased at the main office.

Students should have the following basic supplies ready and available to complete their assignments all year. They will be advised of any additional requirements by their subject teachers. Some of these supplies can be borrowed from the library if needed.
• binder
• loose leaf & graph paper
• pens, pencils, pencil crayons & erasers
• ruler, glue stick & scissors, scientific calculator
• appropriate PE strip

The regular daily schedule will be as follows:
Long Advisor Day – alternating Mondays or Tuesdays each week:
Advisor 9 – 10 (60 min.)
Period 1 10:03 – 11:08 (65 min.)
Period 2 11:10 – 12:15 (65 min.)
Lunch 12:15 – 1:00 (45 min.)
Period 3 1:03 – 2:08 (65 min.)
Period 4 2:10 – 3:15 (65 min.)

Regular Schedule
Advisor 9 – 9:15 (15 min.)
Period 1 9:18 – 10:33 (75 min.)
Period 2 10:35 – 11:50 (75 min.)
Lunch 11:52 – 12:37 (45 min.)
Period 3 12:42 – 1:57 (75 min.)
Period 4 2:00 – 3:15 (75 min.)

Every month on the front page of the The Whale’s Tale you will find a calendar of upcoming events and schedule changes.

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