West Coast Trail

Sunset at Hole-In-The-Wall, West Coast Trail. / Coucher du soleil à Hole-In-The-Wall sur le sentier de la Côte-Ouest.  

West Coast Trail Information

What Is It?

The West Coast Trail is a 75 km trail and considered one of the most spectacular and demanding hikes in North America. It was developed as a rescue trail for shipwrecked survivors in the early 20th century and today it is part of Pacific Rim National Park.

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Why Do It? You’ll find majestic sea stacks, moss-covered ancient trees, sandy and rocky beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and see signs of shipwrecks that helped this area be known as the Graveyard of the Pacific. You will hike and enjoy camp life with other students and it will become one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have at school!

What Do I Need?

A good attitude and a willingness to try new things

You will need to supply your own boots and sleeping bag and the school can help with other equipment that you will need.


Day 1: Kelsey-depart 7:00am to Port Renfrew: hike to Thrasher

Day 2: Thrasher – Camper Bay

Day 3: Camper Bay – Walbran Creek

Day 4: Walbran – Carmanah Lighthouse/ Cribs Creek

Day 5: Cribs – Tsusiat Falls

Day 6: Tsusiat Falls- Michigan Creek

Day 7: Michigan  Bamfield Trailhead and back to school about 5-5:30pm