055: The Auxiliary to Cowichan District Hospital Youth Volunteer Program


1 award valued at $1000


  • Auxiliary to Cowichan District Hospital Bursary
  • $1000  bursary available for students intending to advance to post-secondary education in Canada in some facet of human health either immediately following high school graduation or within one year following high school.   Submission should be 350-500 words, show clarity of thought, good grammar, appropriate punctuation and if possible, illustrate determination to succeed.
  • Please also include a record of school grades for Grades 11 and 12.   (Your transcript)

Essay topic:
Our Auxiliary motto includes the phrase:  “…for care and comfort of patients, residents of Cairnsmore Place, and related health care programs (in the community)….”.   How do you imagine improving lives by taking up a career in medicine?




Special application form is not required.