056: George Bonner Middle School Bursary


3 awards valued at $500


  • Available to S.D. # 79 (Cowichan Valley) graduating student who attended George Bonner Middle School for a minimum of (1 ) year. A signed declaration (available in the Counselling Office) providing proof of attendance MUST BE ATTACHED.
  • Students must be proceeding to a training facility and enrolling in a program that will lead to a certificate or degree.
  • Students must apply for the Bursary in the year they are graduating.
  • Students must demonstate a financial need.
  • Students must provide proof of volunteer work completed.  Volunteer work may include community service, volunteer work completed in the school, volunteer work at a local Cowichan business, or any other volunteer related experience.
  • Students must provide a letter of reference from a Community or School Staff member (non family).
  • Students must provide an essay on the person who has influenced his/her education the most and why he/she wishes to pursue the training he/she wishes to attend.


Special application form is not required.