074: Mill Bay Waterworks District Bursary


3 awards valued at $250


  • Bursary award is based on the student’s overall contribution to the community or involvement/service within the Cowichan Valley.
  • Bursary is open to deserving students graduating from Frances Kelsey Secondary School and their parent must have a utility account with Mill Bay Waterworks District.
  • Applications should be accompanied by a letter listing community service activities. (Include this information in your cover letter).
  • Award to be given to students upon proof of registration at a recognized institute of training or post-secondary institution.
  • The successful candidate must make use of the bursary within 18 months after receiving the award. However, upon receipt of a written request for an extension of 6 months, along with reasons for the request, the Water District shall give such a request every consideration.


Special application form is not required.